Shinjiru Hosting and Terence - Inspiration for Life or Scammer?

I read an interesting article on Terence and his hosting company, Shinjiru here. I have known Terence since HELP days, and rather than being inspiring, his business is dealing with things you wouldn't want to be associated with.

Terence did not really managed to turn around Shinjiru after the dot-com bust in 2001/2002. Rather, what actually happened was that he went into the dark side - Black Hat hosting - hosting scam sites, HYIP scam investment programs, terrorists websites, malware websites, etc.

After the dot-com bust, while desperately trying to turn around Shinjiru, in 2003/2004 Terence set up a company known as AHT Solution with the idea of private hosting for illegal sites. With some success, he later also set up another company called Voichaven. Both served hosting services to scam sites, HYIP scam investment programs, terrorists websites, malware websites,... you get my drift. Sites that nobody wants to host.

This strategy works quite well for him. He managed to make some money . After 3 years, Terence set up another company called Piradius and abandoned both AHT and Voichaven, probably due to their names and IP addresss got banned all over the world.

Like AHT and Voichaven, Piradius is basically Terence's black hat hosting business that thrives instead of Shinjiru. Like AHT and Voichaven, Piradius is also known to be associated with terrorists, scammers, etc. A check on its IP address reveals that Piradius IP address has been banned by Spamhaus since 2007. In fact, Piradius was busted by Malaysian government in 2007, 2008 and 2010 for hosting illegal torrent sites.

As far as I know, Terence's main income comes from his black hat hosting (Piradius) rather than Shinjiru.

Conspiring with killer terrorist sent chill through my spine and is definitely not my cup of tea.

Terence and Shinjiru is not somebody that I'd call inspiring at all. Neither would I want my websites associated with his company, his terrorists and scammer clients.


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